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  • Brit Hotel Au Grand Saint-Jean - Beaune
    Brit Hotel Au Grand Saint-Jean - Beaune


Treat yourself to a revitalising stay in Burgundy!
Book into the Brit Hotel Au Grand Saint Jean in Beaune to discover all of Burgundy’s charm.


Discover Burgundy’s heritage during your stay in Beaune.Visit castles, abbeys and Roman churches, and contemplate the many historical and religious buildings, evidence of Burgundy’s rich history.

Nature spots

Lovers of nature will adore the natural treasures of Burgundy.

Forests, wooded hills, rivers...

Take a stroll and enjoy the captivating landscapes of the Burgundy countryside!

Fine food

During your stay in Burgundy, savour the region’s culinary delicacies.Charolais meat, truffles, parsley-seasoned ham, delicious wines...Head to one of the region’s restaurants and ravish your taste buds!